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God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself
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A New Year's Resolution
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Christian Aid's LifeSwitch.org
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Calor Village of the Year Competition 2004
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Volunteers for Frontline
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A Purrr...fect Pantomime
Holy Trinity Travelling Crib
Bembridge wins National ICT award
Bembridge Parish News December 2004
Christmas Concert
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BPN - Dec 04 - Getting ready for what?
BPN - Dec 04 - Thanks
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Christmas recipe
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News from Bosnia
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Blithe Spirit
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French Wine & Cheese Party
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Calor Village of the Year
Font repositioned at Holy Trinity Bembridge
Thanks Wendy Hopps and Paddy Caws
Reasons to be thankful.... (J. Catlin)
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RNLI - Coffee Morning
Bembridge Afternoon TG - Oct 04
Warning from HM Coastguard & the RNLI
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Harvest Festival at Holy Trinity
Optio Cars - need drivers
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Parker Hardware
Hot House Theatre from Nottingham
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Fire Shout at Abbeyfield House
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St. Michael
Holy Trinity Calendar - Sept 04
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Men's Cake Baking Competition
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What's on Methodists September 2004
RNLI Station Open Day 31.7.04
Scrabble Group
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Volunteer Drivers Wanted...
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New Beginnings - George Newell
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Beating the Bounds Parish Walk
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Bembridge Abbeyfield
Isobel Welstead
Kairos - seizing God's moment for growth
The Eleventh Commandment
Optio Car Service
Street Fair from 'Daily Corn Post'
Bembridge Parish News No. 454, June 2004
Bembridge Evening Townswomen
Other Articles from June 2004 Parish News
Bembridge Parish Council Meeting
*** and Shopping
Over Protection for Walkers & Workers
Fine Art Sale in aid of Bembridge Village Hall
Bembridge Parish News Online May 2004
Palm Sunday at Holy Trinity
Notice of Meeting of Bembridge Parish Council
Methodist Church
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Visit of the Rimbo Church Choir
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Street Fair 2004
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News from Forelands Middle School
Bembridge Parish News - John Catlin
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Bembridge Area Christians Together
Bembridge Bookworms
Bembridge Horticultural Society
Wanted: School Crossing Patrol Officer
April Edition, Bembridge Parish News
Bembridge Parish News other matters, April 2004
Bembridge Parish Council April 2004
Mothers Union News - April 2004
Methodist Church - April 2004
Rubbish Collection - Easter Holidays
Palm Sunday at Holy Trinity
Holy Week and Easter at Holy Trinity Bembridge
Holy Trinity Calendar - April 2004
St. Helens, Holy Week & Easter
RC Church calendar April 2004
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Update on Viewpoint Bembridge
Village of the Year Competition
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Update on Viewpoint Bembridge
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The 11th Commandment, George Newell
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Lent here Again... John Hodge
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"Learn a new skill"
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Building Bridges in Kosovo
Shelter Box Appeal for Bam
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Everyone is special to God
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Candlemas and Lent at Holy Trinity
Bookstart Book Crawl for babies & toddlers
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Nativity at the Holy Trinity blessing the Crib
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Happy New Year from John Catlin
Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
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So What to do in Retirement
Proposed Internal Alterations at Holy Trinity
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A Musical for Christmas - George Newell
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Village Hall Appeal launched
Village Hall Appeal
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Andrew Menniss 'We are Pilgrims on a Journey'
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Expansion and relocation plans are currently under way for Bembridge Maritime Museum, which, sadly may mean it having to move out of the village.

The business has outgrown its present site and needs more space having recently acquired a lot of new material from two other mainland museums that have recently closed down.

It is also hoped new premises will enable the vintage Bembridge Lifeboats the Queen Victoria (1887) and the Langham (1922) to be housed in an added lifeboat museum.

Museum owner Martin Woodward said he is also anxious to dispel rumours that the business is closing down. He said, “I am very sad to be considering moving out of Bembridge after 26 years of the museum being in the village centre but there is now no other option.”

“Apart from the expansion limitations of our present premises another contributing factor is the chronic lack of parking. Visitors won’t stop if they can’t find anywhere to park.”

It is the intention that the museum will be turned back into residential housing but only by converting the present building in a way that will leave the exterior little changed.